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Considering a criminal background check or people search, online? You’ll save time and money from physical background searches. Besides, Private Investigators fees are very expensive, and other alternatives often offer incomplete or inconclusive results. Still, you need to find criminal background information for your own livelihood and safety. The right solution is an online, instant criminal background check for finding out who you’re really dealing with.
You’ll get answers to your questions on a person’s background from the best industry and governmental information directories in existence.
Investigations 123 search results are comprehensive and complete, derived from updated information resources of governmental and private search listings, and are specialized in our four informative options: people search, background checks, criminal records, and social media.
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With Investigations 123’s background checking services, you’ll gain instant access to millions of criminal, sex offender, and other public records that can expose neighbors, new acquaintances, and personal service providers who might have a criminal background. Then, you’ll have the ability to use such information for making more informed decisions about the people you associate with (online or offline), on a daily basis.

With over 1 billion records, Investigations 123 instant nationwide search system allows for unlimited look ups and accesses data from multiple databases to compile the most comprehensive reports available. And our Background Check Report Search combines a multitude of various records such as civil judgments, bankruptcies, liens, court cases, search warrants, as well as federal / criminal records to give you a Comprehensive, Unlimited Background Check Records Report. Please grab your free trial, here.

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Background Checks, Criminal Records, Investigations 123peoplesearch!

Background Checks, Criminal Records, Investigations People Search

How to Find Your Distant Cousins / Living Relatives

How To Find Your Distant Cousins / Living Relatives 123 People Search

While building your family tree, the traditional genealogy research process normally begins by starting with yourself and your parents, and then gradually progressing generation by generation into the past. Then, when you hit a roadblock in that process, the best way to go ahead is by reversing the process, i.e. start seeking the present – and not pursuing the past.

Yep! Try looking for previously unknown living relatives / distant cousins.

How – you might ask? Well, death notices and newspaper obituaries usually include names of the deceased’s children and grandchildren, synagogue / church / mosque membership, place of burial. And official certificates of death often list place of burial and name a contact who may be a child of the deceased.

Be aware when your relative’s death occurred. If they’ve died early in the twentieth century, their children listed in the obituary as survivors are probably deceased themselves. You could try writing or sending an email to the cemeteries requesting more information, as they may be able to provide to you the name of the relative who purchased the burial plot and they may also give you the names of living descendants.

Your search for obituaries can be assisted on several different web sites. Recent deaths notices are available on, where you can search by US newspaper or the deceased’s name. Older death notices can be found through the Google News Archives site. And the US Library of Congress has a free searchable online database of hundreds of newspapers, starting in 1880.

Several online address and telephone directories may also give you data you’ll need to contact your newly discovered distant relatives (here at Investigations 123), and a Sample People Search Report is provided below.

Investigations 123 People Search Sample Report

Investigations 123 People Search Sample Report

Once you know your relatives’ names, professional networking sites such as and social networking sites such as will help you contacting them through their own internal messaging tools.

In searching for your living relative, you may have other clues that can help your search, such as hobbies or associations your distant cousin was involved with. You might start looking for possible associations through a directory such as Here you can enter keywords such as “carpenter” or “lawyer” and find potential associations for your relatives search. Happy hunting (from the comfort of your couch)!

Conduct a Background Check on Prospective Tenants / Renters (Free Trial)

Conduct a Background Check on Prospective Tenants / Renters (risk-free trial)

Criminal Background Screening

Get your Instant Criminal Background Check Report, Today. Check here.

In both commercial and residential leases, there is always the risk of lost income resulting if a tenant breaks a lease and suddenly vacates, or from the elapsed time for completing extensive repairs during which the property can’t be leased. These are nightmare risk scenarios that can be minimized by conducting background checks before renting an apartment, condo, home or commercial space to a prospective tenant.

The steps presented here will dramatically reduce the risks of facing at a later stage, either tenant evictions or costly repairs.

You can run a Tenant Background Check online right now, by simply conducting a search in our vast network of Public Records and Proprietary Databases, here. You’ll get top quality search results about your prospective tenants within minutes.

The implementation of a tenant screening process will reduce future problems with your tenant.

By checking on the background of a potential renter here at, and thereby establishing the profile of your prospective tenant, the risks of experiencing the scenarios referred above become much lower.

The first contact with a prospective tenant takes place very often by telephone, particularly if the property to be rented has been advertised in a local newspaper. This is the right time for the property owner (or manager) to start asking the right questions towards the qualification process.

Commercial or residential renters should be questioned about the following issues:

  1. Name of prospective tenant
  2. Telephone contact number
  3. Date that the prospective tenant wishes to occupy property
  4. Does the prospective renter have previous landlord references?

The landlord (or manager) should also inform the prospective tenant of the monthly rent, security deposit or other up-front charges (if applicable), as this often will end the need for further screening if the person can’t afford the rent being quoted.

If both parties are happy with the initial telephone interview, the prospective tenant will certainly like to go and see the property. This also gives the owner / manager with the opportunity to meet the prospective renter in person.

The Rental Application Form should include the following information:

  1. Full name of applicant, social security number, date of birth and current address
  2. Applicant’s addresses for the past 10 years
  3. Landlords’ names for the past 10 years (if rented during such period)
  4. Applicant’s trade / professional licenses (not required for residential space rentals)
  5. Applicant’s current job and annual salary
  6. Applicant’s job description or entrepreneurial occupation
  7. Applicant’s past employment for past 5 years
  8. Applicant’s highest level of academic education
  9. Credit references and bankruptcy issues
  10. Misdemeanor or felonies (criminal) records for prospective tenant
  11. Full names for all occupants / co-renters
  12. Two personal references, with full addresses and telephone numbers
  13. Next-of-kin, i.e. name of a relative not living with tenant, with full address and telephone number
  14. Driver’s license number and state of issue
  15. Vehicle and license plate number

All such information provided by the prospective tenant should then be confirmed by the use of the database people search provided by, here.

Past landlords and personal references are very important sources of information about the prospective tenant and his/her previous relationship with personal property. You can ask them for how long they’ve known the applicant and if they consider him/her reliable, their relationship with neighbors, any noise he/she (or pets) may have made that disturbed neighbors and whether the rented property was left in good condition, in the recent past.

If the applicant is self-employed / business owner, you should ask copies of the latest business banking statement and tax filings for the previous year. Then, you can also run a business background check, to confirm the prospective tenant’s credit worthiness.

The signed application should include a Release of Information Statement, which will enable you to check the tenant’s background for ascertaining if he/she has been truthful in answering all questions.

This last check is critical for determining the overall characteristics of a potential tenant. Furthermore, a comprehensive person background check will also determine his/her financial stability.

If a decision is made to deny rental, his/her application together with information gathered through the screening conducted here, at must be disclosed to the prospective tenant as the reason for denial.

When searching the various databases available at, keep in mind that earlier addresses, landlords, and roommates are often revealed in your Tenant Background Check search.

You can run a Tenant Background Check online now, by simply conducting a search in our vast network of Public Records and Proprietary Databases, here.  You’ll get top quality search results about your prospective tenants within minutes, via our 5-day risk-free trial.

A sample report for a Comprehensive Background Report is provided below.

Comprehensive Criminal Background Check Sample Report

Comprehensive Criminal Background Sample Report