Has Your Own Identity Been Compromised Recently?

Has Your Own Identity Been Compromised Recently?

Background checks can be conducted online for several reasons, including but not limited to discovering more facts about new people in your life. However, due to the vast increase in identity thefts in more recent years, performing a background check in your own name may also help ensuring the legitimacy of the information other people may find about you, online.

It is not uncommon for some criminals to use the identities of family members when they’re arrested and/or accused of crimes such as burglary, theft, sex offenses, rape or murder. Since most criminal records are public and readily available online, third parties are easily able to request such records in your name without your knowledge, so it’s critical to make sure that such public information they access about you is correct. Online banking, shopping, business and/or personal correspondence are all a possible source for the possibility of misunderstandings about your identity, and most of us have all used the Internet for such purposes in the past.

Should you find incorrect or false information in your own comprehensive background check, you’ll need to follow the most proper steps set up by the adequate agency to try to update your records. Investigations123.com can help you check instantly for any negative information in your past, and then allowing you to research further such documents and respective contents.

Besides identity theft, checking your own background can help ensuring the accuracy of your public records. For example, have you ever been divorced or party to a civil suit? If that’s the case, you may need to make sure such public records are updated to truly say the correct information about your situation. This also applies for possible bankruptcies or liens that may tarnish your good name.

One of the main benefits for using Investigations123.com in conducting a background check in your own name is that you can  search across the country (and Canada), without having to limit the results to a specific state, city (or province). This can be very helpful if you’ve lived in several jurisdictions, or if you’ve become unknowingly the victim of identity theft and the thief does not live in your city.

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