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Online Court Records Search

Irrespective of the reasons to search for U.S. court records in your own name, many people often put it off because of the legwork it typically involves. Often, U.S. court records need to be requested locally, at county level and if you aren’t sure where they’re kept, you’ll have to physically visit the specific U.S. city and several of its counties until you’re able to track down the correct documentation you’re looking for. does help to streamline this process while searching for U.S. court records, as you can instantly search for any public information held in your own name. With this method, you’ll be given relevant information about the physical location of such public records, giving you the option of obtaining actual copies, if appropriate.

In most cases, an online court records search will quickly tell you if a divorce case is found in someone’s name, past criminal records, any arrests, or even a bankruptcy or civil suit.

The type of records often found in a court records search may include liens and bankruptcies, property records, birth / marriage / divorce / death records, civil suit records and criminal records. Such court records are considered public in nature, and people can consult the information contained in them that is not personally identifiable to specific people involved in the case(s).

Court records might be necessary for confirming the marital status of yourself or a loved one (especially if you’ll be applying for a new marriage license), establish if an acquaintance of yours has a criminal past, or if you’re conducting genealogical research and trying to complete information about your own family tree.

Court records include any type of public document from a criminal case, divorce case, or any civil case heard in a courtroom.

Why To Research Court Records?

If you’ve been checking into someone’s background and discover he/she has been arrested in the past, you’ll want to follow up with a court records search for determining if he/she was convicted and what type of sentence he/she was given. Furthermore, if you need to confirm a divorce case was finalized, again this is another type of court record. And civil cases such as tax liens and judgments can all have court records stored in the local clerk’s office for public viewing.

Court records will give you details about any court case, e.g. case number, disposition of the case, dates of hearings and any sentencing details. If the case involves minors or was redacted due to sensitive information that comes forth during court proceedings, such records are typically made available only to the person(s) named in the case or their direct relatives. Some local government offices will require you to apply for or ask such court documents, and pay the proper fee for obtaining these actual files.

If you have no idea where a court case was heard or whether it exists in a person’s past, you’ll need to use a public records search engine such as for narrowing the field of results. The ability to quickly scan through millions of public court records from across America (U.S. and Canada) will enable you to find the existence and place of this information for your specific research purposes.

Searching US Court Records Online
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