Asset Search By Name

Asset Search by Name

How to conduct an asset search @ Investigations

Our Asset Search Report has been developed to gather information about an individual’s real assets and properties, such as homes, land, vehicles, airplanes and yachts.
Tangible assets will be discovered. Family members will be identified. Deed transfer records are thoroughly investigated. Assets in the name of a business your debtor owns, will probably be discovered.
Also included are UCC filings (*) searches, where bank account information will often be revealed.
Conducting an Assets Search before suing – in order to establish what income and assets the debtor has – is of paramount importance, to make sure such assets will be available, should you win the judgment. You see, if the debtor doesn’t own anything, why waste your money and time in court?
If you’re not gonna collect, why to go through the hassle of a court conflict, to get the judgment?
(*) Note: UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filing is a lien placed by a financial institution against the assets of a business or individual for an unpaid loan.

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