Benefits of Ordering a Background Check Free Trial Report

Benefits of Ordering a Background Check

Essentially, a background check report describes the process of using multiple sources for investigating and compiling a record on a person. This might include financial, criminal, or public records.

The results of an online background check report will normally include criminal history, a credit score, and employment verification.

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Background Check Sources

These sources might include the following:

Criminal Records: this normally includes records relating to arrests, incarcerations, sex offenders, and other criminal records. Often, these reports are not as up-to-date as one might like, so the results of these online searches are not fully guaranteed.

The obvious alternative is to go directly to the state of choice, where such records will be more accurate (and probably less expensive). However, if you are looking for national information, going to a third party background checking company offering a free trial might be your best option.

Lawsuit records: potential employees who often file discrimination and other types of lawsuits may raise some red flags to employers. Because most of these lawsuits are public records, they can be searched by background check firms.

Education Records: these are often used to confirm if the job candidate did receive a degree or graduated from high school or college, as they claim.

Employment Records: these are used for verbal confirmations of past employment. Performance, accomplishments, activities, and relations with others are normally included.

Driving Records: employers that routinely hire drivers (especially of a company vehicle) seek people with clean driving records, i.e. with a history of no tickets or accidents any DUIs (driving under the influence) – unless they were a minor, at the time of the offense.

Financial records: credit scores, liens, property information, civil judgments, tax information, and bankruptcy.

Credit Reports: they are often requested for many potential employees, especially if the hiring company is a financial institution.
Furthermore, past bankruptcies, foreclosures and other financial information can be found in a credit report that might raise some red flags about the applicant.

Military Records: some employers want to know the details about the job applicant’s military resume.

Legal working status: the hiring of illegal workers is a concern for most employers, particularly if a sudden immigration raid occurs.

Other records: drug tests, litigation, licensing information, medical, mental, as well as physiological evaluations.

Reasons For a Background Check

An employment background check is the process of compiling any job candidate’s records for the purpose of evaluating behavioral history and employment. Background checks are normally conducted for confirming information. These routine checks are often used by employers as a means of objectively evaluating a candidate’s qualifications, character, fitness, and to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons. These background checks can ensure safety for employees and prevent future problems in the workplace.

Background checks are often conducted on information included on an employment resume or application. Sometimes, these background checks reveal different information than what the job candidate provided to the employer.

Another reason might be to differentiate further between job candidates. For example, if you’ve got two equally qualified individuals, the fact that a background check on one of them revealed a felony such candidate did not disclose, might cause the selection of the other candidate.

Furthermore, some background checks are prescribed by law. For example, if you work with kids as a teacher or tutor, a criminal background check will be conducted (including sex offender status).

Background checks are also conducted for investigating thoroughly a potential military personnel, government employee,  or any one who will work with a government agency. The purpose is to grant a security clearance for such candidate. Background checks are always required for job positions that require trust or high security, e.g. in a daycare, hospital, court of law, school, financial institution, airport, or government.

Being offered a specific job might depend on the information revealed in your background check report. Thus, existing employees, volunteers, and job applicants may be asked to submit to comprehensive background checks.

When performing a background check, some of the sources that will release your information are educational institutions, government agencies, criminal and civil courts, and past employers.

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• You want to know the marital status of the person your mate is seeing behind your back. An online background check search about vital records could help you.

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All types of investigation services described above can be accessed from your own computer / laptop / smartphone, in the privacy of your own home.

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Our online background investigation services are also being used by law enforcement, government officials, lawyers, private investigators and many others.

How to do a background investigation, online!

Online Investigation Reports

There are certain times in our lives, and certainly when we are parents, that we may need to do some detective work.  Many parents have experienced a situation where their child is spending lots of time with someone new.  It could be just a feeling or even a parent’s intuition that gives clues that something is wrong.  It might be a new roommate for your older child who gives you an eerie feeling, or something else altogether.  Whatever the situation, there are times when you just don’t feel right about someone who is a new acquaintance of your child.

As a parent, you feel you have to take action and do something about it, but you don’t want to become the snooping parent! What do you do in a situation such as this?

Many parents feel they should stay out of their child’s private life when they reach the age of 18.  However, they struggle with the worry that comes with being a parent.  It’s difficult to weigh the safety of your child (when you’re not really sure if they’re in danger) against their privacy.  There is no one authority when it comes to a situation like this, but if the feeling you have is so strong that you are truly worried about your child, you do have options for safeguarding his/her best interests.

Perhaps talking to your child would provide you with the information you need to feel better or to stop worrying.  Often, children will share their feelings with their parents, but sometimes they won’t.  Sometimes a parent feels forced to find things out by themselves.  With recent advances in online search technology, all you need is the name of that person you feel strange about it, in order to find out tons of information about him/her. You can simply type in just a name (on its own or with additional information you might have) in order to receive a comprehensive report about the background of such person.

You can find out if that person has ever been convicted of a crime.  It’s difficult to imagine your child might be spending time with a criminal, but it might happen. If that’s the case, chances are your child is not even aware of it.  You can find out other information as well, such as whether or not that person has ever been convicted in a civil court case.  The odd feeling you have right now about the new acquaintance of your child might be something to do with a possible dishonest person or someone who may be trying to take advantage of your child.

The greatest advantage of conducting an online investigation search is the fact that your child or the other person will never know you conducted the search.  It’s completely confidential, and no one will ever know that you looked up for a comprehensive background report, online.

Simply by typing in the person’s name, you can even find out if they are married, if they’ve ever filed for bankruptcy, and much, much more.

As a parent, sometimes you have to tell yourself to let your child live his / her life.  But sometimes, being proactive and taking action may end up saving your child’s future life.  If you need to conduct detective work, you can check out and get the relevant information you need in a matter of seconds.  You may be surprised with what you’ll find out.  You may also become relieved, but most of all you’ll be ensuring the safety of your child, and after all, that’s a parent’s duty, right?

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Background Check for Babysitters, Nannies, Tutors, Maids, Pet Sitters, Caregivers

Babysitter and Nanny Background Check Free Trial Search Service

Background checks are searches through registries, databases, and other public and private sources.
While they are not always fully accurate or complete, background checks can be extremely helpful when making a hiring decision, because they can uncover potential warning signs about caregiver candidates.
Whether you’re looking for a babysitter, nanny, senior care provider, housekeeper, tutor, pet sitter, or a dog walker, a background check can help reveal things such as driving infractions or criminal conduct.

Requesting background checks is a key step in finding quality caregivers. In fact, virtually everybody seeking to hire a caregiver / sitter do request a background check because it can reveal information that wouldn’t come up during reference checking or in-depth interviews.
When you’re close to making a hiring decision – or even before you invite someone to your house for a caregiver/nanny interview – you should request a background check, online.

We make requesting background checks as easy as they are important. Start by selecting a promising caregiver, and then post a job, so that qualified caregivers can come to you, or simply search caregivers for nearby help.

Found a good sitter / caregiver candidate? Now it’s time to run a background check! You’re ready to make a more informed decision in your caregiver search! Now that you know how background checks work, why not have them work for you?

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Comprehensive Background Investigation
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Criminal Background Checks For Job Screening Purposes (free trial)

Criminal Background Checks For Employment / Job Screening Purposes (risk-free trial)

Recently, criminal background checks became a key part of the job screening process, both to exclude unsuitable (or even dangerous) employees, as well as to help in hiring the best possible candidate. But the whole procedure of obtaining a proper background check is full of shortcomings that vary in each state and/or county.

The optimal background check should be precise, comprehensive, consistent, instant (when obtained online) and, of course, legal.

Coordinating all these factors is normally very time-consuming, and the work performed differs in accordance with the location of the job applicant and where he/she has lived in the past.

As a result of the fact that the whole background check screening process is unregulated, employers that don’t know how to test a proper screening process may end up with a criminal background report that is both inaccurate, and incomplete.

Most employers routinely conduct background checks on job applicants as part of the hiring process.

Increased usage of criminal background checks by employers to prequalify job applicants arises from the growth of legal claims suggesting that an employer was negligent in hiring an employee who later engaged in workplace violence or some other act that might result in theft of company’s property or sexual assault to a colleague at work.

The fact that negligent hiring is so common (particularly among smaller organizations with fewer resources) greatly increases an employer’s exposure for large damages claims, making the use of criminal background checks a great defense to liability, in case violence might occur in the workplace.

Furthermore, many organizations are also conducting criminal background checks on current employees, either on a routine basis or prior to a transfer, promotion or any change in the terms and conditions of employment.

Employers utilizing  background checks for employment purposes must adhere to a number of legal requirements before they can use a criminal background check on an employee or job applicant.

Prior to obtaining a background check, the employer must make a very clear written disclosure to the job applicant that a background check may be obtained, and such disclosure can’t be incorporated into an employment application.

The employer must also get the written authorization of the job applicant to ask the background check report. However, an employer is entitled to refuse hiring any applicant who won’t complete such written authorization.

What’s Included in a Criminal Background Check?

The restrictions on an employer considering criminal histories for employment purposes are driven primarily by state law.

The state law restrictions on the use of criminal background check information for employment purposes are as diverse as the number of states in the USA.

The federal and state enforcement agencies seem to be balancing the proven effectiveness of utilizing background check information in making hiring decisions against the potential for a disparate impact on minorities.

Furthermore, arrest records are subject to the principle of innocent until proven guilty, whereas conviction records, by definition, are adjudications of guilt. Thus, the state agencies favor employment decisions based on criminal convictions (and not arrest records) because the offense has been objectively confirmed. As a result, employers are on much safer grounds relying exclusively on criminal convictions when making hiring decisions.

A comprehensive criminal background check involves accessing many sources of information.

The federal database doesn’t contain date of birth or Social Security Number (SSN) information, making an exact match difficult for individuals with common names. Date of birth and full name are the most common identifiers, but driver’s license numbers and SSN may be retrieved as well.

Because common names may pull up records for a number of different individuals, it’s important that employers ask job applicants to provide full names (including middle), maiden names and any other names used in the past. For the same reason, job applicants should provide home addresses going back as many years as will be searched.

Counties are the source of criminal information, and therefore, they generally have the most comprehensive criminal background information.

County records generally contain information about felonies, misdemeanors, infractions, and traffic violations in addition to arrests.

Such records are available to the public and generally go back at least twenty years, but it’s unlawful for employers to use all such information (e.g. arrest records) in the job screening process.

Depending on the county, a search may be performed online or in person, either by a court clerk or a private individual.

State databases of criminal information are compiled from the underlying county criminal background history data. Thus, state databases rely on local jurisdictions to report criminal information. And such reporting can be infrequent or inconsistent, and not all levels of offenses are reported.

State law determines what types of records will be transmitted from the counties to the state criminal databases. Such records include felonies, misdemeanors, infractions, traffic violations, arrests, cases without disposition, expunged records, and even juvenile records.

As with county courthouses, searches may be performed online or in person, depending on the state.

Unlike county records, which are in the public domain, states own and keep up their own criminal databases, and state laws may restrict access to various types of records. The entire criminal history is available based on information that is considered publicly accessible pursuant to that state’s laws.

Premium databases: these are privately owned databases of criminal background information maintained by companies such as and made available online to users via an initial risk-free trial.

Thus, there is no such thing as a one-stop comprehensive source (i.e., an all-inclusive national database) for criminal background information, as there are many sources – some are public, others private.

Criminal background screening for employment purposes should not be conducted lightly. Background check screening is a process that implicates a broad variety of privacy and safety concerns that people attribute great value.

Ideally, employers who seek criminal background check information want to be able to make informed decisions about whether a job applicant will contribute to a safe and productive workplace or potentially will cause some harm to a colleague or company’s property, if eventually employed. is not a consumer reporting agency as defined under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”), and the information in the databases has not been collected in whole or in part for the purpose of furnishing consumer reports, as defined in the FCRA – which includes Criminal Background Check Reports.

Criminal Background Screening Report
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Criminal Background Check: How To Know If Someone Needs To Get One

How To Know If Someone Needs To Get a Criminal Background Check Report

Having a criminal background check report ran on someone has become a requirement in many high security positions today. This isn’t only due to the rapid climbing of crime rates, but also to better find out what level of trust any person is worth of.

Nowadays, people feel more at ease knowing more details about a person before conducting business with them.

If a particular job post must be filled with someone who has to offer a high level of trust, a criminal background check will certainly be able to show anything dubious that might otherwise jeopardize such a job.

In the United States, public records are kept updated on various levels, i.e. local, state and federal by different law enforcement agencies, and several databases are maintained for each level of government.

Locally, sheriff and police departments and agencies keep their public records up-to-date, as well as state police, state patrols, and correctional facilities, who make sure theirs are kept current on a state level.

Most court records may be released or made available to the public, including background investigation reports. They are often circulated between various law enforcement agencies to better help them check the people they are dealing with. Such background check reports usually show facts from past jobs, criminal records, arrests, misdemeanors, adoption findings and suspects involved in any prosecutions or investigations (if applicable).

Thus, it can quickly be realized why getting a criminal background check report should never be underestimated. Nowadays, one does not have to believe everything is told about a person and take it for face value. By having an instant background check performed online, it’ll be easier to make a rational decision as to whether a person can be trusted (or not) by someone else. Important facts will surface that will help in making sound decisions.

Caretakers, potential employees, tenants, dates are just a few groups of people who may need that a history of their backgrounds be brought to light.

Essentially, the criminal background check is designed to reassure peace of mind for those who make the inquiry, online.

As an employer, a criminal background check ran on potential employees helps to end possible problems in the workplace. A criminal background check ensures that you aren’t filling a job post with someone who has a criminal record with serious offenses.

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Someone could be searching for your personal information…

Find out what others can uncover about you with one simple search!

Check your personal information, online!
Find out what others can uncover about YOU with one simple search, here…

Why Should I Check My Own Background Records?
When most people consider conducting an instant background check, they normally think of undergoing it prior to entering some kind of employment agreement with an outside entity, or doing a background check on someone else. However, if you’ve never checked online your own background records, you may be leaving yourself open to arbitrary treatment if they’re not accurate and do not portray yourself as anything other than outstanding.

How Could My Own Background Records be Inaccurate?
Well, have you ever been arrested, convicted of a crime or party to a civil case? If you’ve ever moved in the past, it’s quite possible that a civil claim might have been filed against you without you being aware of. These court documents are served to the address on file with local public offices, and if you do not reply in writing within a specific time span, a judge may consider you unresponsive and rule in favor of the plaintiff. In this case, it is critical to ensure there are no pending actions, judgments or other suits exist within your own background records.

If you ever have been arrested but never convicted, it’s also possible that such information was not conveyed correctly in the local court documents, allowing outside parties to believe erroneously that you may have been convicted of a crime. Checking your own background records online can also help indicate whether someone has ever used your identity or established a reputation under your own name.

What Can Other People Learn About Me?
Public documents that are accessed during a background check include birth records, marriage / divorce records, court records and criminal records. Unless redacted from public viewing specifically by the overseeing judge, virtually anyone can access this information, so it’s best to be aware of what can be accessed in your name and to always be honest about your past.

Even something as small as a DUI (Driving Under Influence) charge could reflect negatively in your own background check, and other information such as bankruptcies, tax liens, and judgments can help someone establish an opinion about your trustworthiness and character.

Ensuring Your Information Is Correct
If you’re a convicted criminal, surely you want to ensure your background records offer accurate information about yourself. For example, if you were convicted of assault charges, you don’t want your records to state that it was a sex offense or a theft. In this case, you’ll need to gather the publicly available information about yourself before approaching the responsible office to pursue correcting this information. Or, at the very least, be aware of the mistake in the meantime and forewarn anyone who may be conducting a background check in your name.

Other public information such as personal addresses, phone numbers, identities of relatives, emails, and your age or date of birth are often accessible. If you have a profile on a social network, for example, you should check your background records to ensure private information is not inadvertently exposed to the public, and if so, proceed to change it.

Anyone can search for public records in your name without your knowledge, so it’s a vital act of self-preservation to ensure your records are correct by conducting a background check in your own name. Please check it here.

Personal background check lookup tool, here.
Find out what others can uncover about you with one simple search, here…

Unlimited Arrest Records Searches

Unlimited Arrest Records Searches

Find out what others know about you!
Who Is Checking Your Background? Check DUI (Driving Under The Influence) Records, Here!

Who Is Checking Your Background?
Credit Card and Insurance companies are known to check your automobile record once a year – or at the very least, they check once every 3 years.  When you’re applying for a brand-new insurance policy, it’s certain they’ll check. Every now and then tickets, accidents, and drunk-driving convictions can escape your insurer’s attention. However, if your Insurance company  does  find out about a DUI (Driving Under The Influence) conviction, you’ll see higher insurance rates and possibly even find yourself looking for a new insurance company, due to them not renewing your existing policy for your motor vehicle.

There are 2 ways insurance companies generally handle customers with a DUI conviction. Firstly, your insurance company may cancel your policy. In other instances, they’ll raise your premiums by increasing your point count, almost to a situation of  unaffordability.

Along with insurance companies, there are many other individuals who can easily lookup your past and come to pre-determined judgments. You should not allow this to happen. Simply lookup your public past records by conducting a free search, here. Be the first to know and don’t be shocked. Furthermore, you’re also entitled to a request information removal and get peace of mind.

Access Public Records from Your Own Home, a recognized and trusted online records information provider, lets you use a network of multiple data sources to find the exact records you’re looking for including Criminal Driving Violations. Data is captured from thousands of sources, private and public, conveniently and quickly right to your computer screen.  We provide a fast and discreet way for you to find records with direct online data retrieval, here.

Your search will include fields dependent on your particular lookup category and subject. Each individual report is included in your 5-day free trial.

Your Public Records Search Results may include:

  • Full Court Records Check:  Courthouse & DUI Files
  • 20 Year Address History with Phone Numbers and Details
  • National Arrest & Court Warrants
  • National Federal & State Tax Liens
  • National Federal & Civil Judgments
  • National Federal & State Bankruptcies
  • Distinguishing Bodily Marks
  • List of Relatives with Addresses
  • Roommates and Associates
  • Age/Date of Birth
  • Alias/Maiden Name
  • Possible Neighbors
  • Property Ownership
  • Marriages/Divorces
  • Death Index Check
  • Work Licenses

With membership, you’ll get access to records of all types.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to check a potential employee’s driving records before you hire them?  Your unlimited membership will allow you to get access to this information, including DUI’s, driving offenses, and reverse license plate lookups.

Isn’t it important for you to make sure the babysitter / nanny you’ve chosen for your kids is who she says they are?  Your membership will allow you to feel comfortable with your choice by giving you the ability to run instant background checks, bankruptcy reports, criminal histories, and public records. Please check it here.

Wouldn’t you like to know a little more about that guy that gave you his number at the club last night before you call him up?  Access the reverse lookup system here and find out more using a cell phone, landline, or email address. See if you got a fake name or if he’s got any DUI’s.

Practically anything except for the very sensitive personal information such as credit card and financial data, including passwords and full account numbers, is available about anyone. Other than that, you might be able to uncover a lot of information about mostly anyone. Social Security numbers are among the sensitive personal information that is generally not available. It is a vital security precaution not to allow Social Security numbers be available public.

You’ll be able to lookup information about people in the United States and Canada – we have the most databases and data centers available for both countries. Also, we have the most public data of any provider on the internet.

Please enter your name or the name of whoever you’re researching into the correct input form here, to begin with your preliminary people search.

Public Records Search Free Trial

Free Trial Public Records Search

Any criminal records check online can reveal a lot of relevant information about a person. Conducting an online criminal records check may help you ensuring that you and your family stay protected, for a minimal cost.

Most criminal record checks conducted online are not free and many of the free searches provide limited information. You’ll have to make sure you’re using an accredited public records database resource.

The information that is gathered in a criminal records check is obtained from court records, police records, arrest records, civil records and other criminal reporting agencies. You can usually find out the criminal charges and dates they were brought forth, sentencing records, prison or jail records and court records. It is important to highlight the fact that when you check online someone’s criminal records, you also verify that they’re the correct person. You see, many people have the same first and last name so you’ll want to use a birth date, address or other specific identifying information for confirming you’ve identified the right person.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1 in 4 Americans have some sort of criminal background. By knowing more about someone through a criminal public records check, you can protect yourself and your family.

The Web has brought forth significant advancements, especially when it comes to conducting criminal background checks online. It’s a much more efficient way to find criminal records online than going to the county recorder or court-house. Furthermore, it’ll also make sure that you get the latest information, rather than relying on outdated public records.

When you decide to conduct a criminal records search online, go with a trusted public records provider. This will ensure that their online help is provided when it’s needed. Also make sure that the interface is easy to use, to avoid any technical issues during the online process. offers a 5 day risk-free trial, to make sure you can perform a criminal public records check online without obligation.

Court Records Online Search

Online Court Records Search

Irrespective of the reasons to search for U.S. court records in your own name, many people often put it off because of the legwork it typically involves. Often, U.S. court records need to be requested locally, at county level and if you aren’t sure where they’re kept, you’ll have to physically visit the specific U.S. city and several of its counties until you’re able to track down the correct documentation you’re looking for. does help to streamline this process while searching for U.S. court records, as you can instantly search for any public information held in your own name. With this method, you’ll be given relevant information about the physical location of such public records, giving you the option of obtaining actual copies, if appropriate.

In most cases, an online court records search will quickly tell you if a divorce case is found in someone’s name, past criminal records, any arrests, or even a bankruptcy or civil suit.

The type of records often found in a court records search may include liens and bankruptcies, property records, birth / marriage / divorce / death records, civil suit records and criminal records. Such court records are considered public in nature, and people can consult the information contained in them that is not personally identifiable to specific people involved in the case(s).

Court records might be necessary for confirming the marital status of yourself or a loved one (especially if you’ll be applying for a new marriage license), establish if an acquaintance of yours has a criminal past, or if you’re conducting genealogical research and trying to complete information about your own family tree.

Court records include any type of public document from a criminal case, divorce case, or any civil case heard in a courtroom.

Why To Research Court Records?

If you’ve been checking into someone’s background and discover he/she has been arrested in the past, you’ll want to follow up with a court records search for determining if he/she was convicted and what type of sentence he/she was given. Furthermore, if you need to confirm a divorce case was finalized, again this is another type of court record. And civil cases such as tax liens and judgments can all have court records stored in the local clerk’s office for public viewing.

Court records will give you details about any court case, e.g. case number, disposition of the case, dates of hearings and any sentencing details. If the case involves minors or was redacted due to sensitive information that comes forth during court proceedings, such records are typically made available only to the person(s) named in the case or their direct relatives. Some local government offices will require you to apply for or ask such court documents, and pay the proper fee for obtaining these actual files.

If you have no idea where a court case was heard or whether it exists in a person’s past, you’ll need to use a public records search engine such as for narrowing the field of results. The ability to quickly scan through millions of public court records from across America (U.S. and Canada) will enable you to find the existence and place of this information for your specific research purposes.

Searching US Court Records Online
Instant Access to Local, County, State and Federal Court Records. Criminal, Warrants, Bankruptcies, Liens, Legal Judgments, and More. Click here.

Criminal Records: Definition, Nature and Types (risk-free trial)

Criminal Records: Definition, Nature and Types (risk-free trial)

Criminal records describe offenders and offenses and can include offender fingerprint identification and notations of arrest and subsequent dispositions.
Accurate, timely and complete criminal history record information enables States to instantly identify persons who are prohibited from firearm purchase or are ineligible to hold positions of responsibility involving children, seniors, or the disabled; enables criminal justice agencies for making decisions on pre-trial release, career criminal charging, determinate sentencing, and correctional assignments; is crucial to help law enforcement officials in criminal investigations and decision making; and, is necessary for criminal record checks for national security, employment, licensing and related economic purposes, as required under recent legislation.

Conviction Records
These criminal records contain information indicating that an individual has been found guilty of a criminal offense, has gotten a lower than honourable discharge out of the military, or has been put on probation, parole, or imprisoned by any police force agency or military body.

Arrest Records
These criminal records contain facts about individuals, like the type and description of the offense, dates of disposition and conviction, sentence imposition, photos, along with other information.

Inmate Records
Reports on people with imprisonment stays inside a U.S. Federal or State prison and their parole and probation reports, including active or inactive status. These reports detail the offense, time period of sentence, release date, as well as other additional criminal records data.

Crimes of a lesser nature than felonies very often result in a jail sentence of fewer than twelve months, penalties under $2000, and/or community service.

Crimes covering a multitude of offenses for instance armed robberies, assaults, drug sales and possession, and murders.

Sex Offender Listings
From the late 90’s, individual states enacted Megan’s Law which made information accessible to the public concerning the F.B.I.’s national sex offender registry. Online criminal records checks will disclose the names of men and women on the registry.

Parole Violations
The failures of people on parole to follow along with the conditions of their release from prison in an important respect.
Only people serving a jail sentence for that commission of a felony offense meet the criteria for parole.

Probation Violations
The failures of people on probation to follow along with the conditions of their probation in an important respect.
Probation, as opposed to local jail time or a prison sentence, exists for individuals found guilty of felonies and misdemeanors and who’re not considered threats to the public.

Traffic Violations
Violations that are of a serious nature, for example those resulting in a death, will be included within one’s criminal records history for most states.

How can I get a copy of my criminal background report and my own criminal record?

A person’s criminal record is an official record for any criminal offense when they have been arrested or found guilty of a crime.
Even traffic violations can come under criminal offenses in some states.
Unless you receive a pardon or are expunged, the entry will continue to be on your record and may appear whenever there’s a background criminal check.
Sometimes you may even forget the violation which happened many years back.
Hence it will become necessary for the individual himself/herself to check on your own personal criminal record so that they will know what arises when someone wishes to research your criminal charges and convictions in past times.
You might need a background check when purchasing a gun and you may need a background check to work alongside children as well as to turn into a volunteer fire fighter.
You might also need to know the length of time a background check takes or how you can do a background check to examine previous employers.
Their are lots of reasons and methods to perform a background check on people online.
You will need to initially collect all your details, your own personal information and official documents like birth record, driver’s license, passport etc.
You can go to your state government’s website, call any local police station and / or sheriffs office.
You may also visit the FBI’s website to do a fingerprint nationwide criminal history check.
Different states might have different background check procedures.
The clerk or the person in charge should be able to tell you what you should do.
Once you know your criminal case and possess the right information you can just request the office to provide you with a copy of your criminal history.
You will have to make a request for a background check and fill out an application as well.
If your offense is more than ten years, you will need to contact the Department of State.
You can obtain a copy of your background history with the FBI too.
Nowadays you’ll be able to obtain every piece of information online by inputting your name and state in a search engine, and also take a print out of the results [Investigations 123 com will provide you with all such info. to you via our 5-day risk-free trial].

Just how do I find someone’s arrest records online?

There could be instances when you have to find out if someone has long been arrested or to search people’s arrest history online.
To find out specifics of someone’s arrests or criminal charges online you need to first find the correct name and spelling of the individual whose arrest record you’re searching, not his shortened name.
There might be several people with similar names however, if you’ve got his / her address or personal information like birth date, it becomes easier.
Visit your local or state government website that can give you access to all the information you need.
Arrest records of whether or not the offense is traffic, theft, robbery, murder, violent, business or alcohol and drug related offenses will likely be shown. Just typing in a person’s name in a search engine will fetch you the details.
Basic details are shown but additional information needs to be paid.
Information is not at all difficult to obtain but if you want a hard copy or an attested one, you may have to go the appropriate office and get one.
Anyway, it’s much easier and convenient to search for public criminal arrest records and find out the details of someone’s arrest record online via Investigations 123 com’s 5-day risk-free trial, here at this site.

Criminal Background Screening
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Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions

Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, in the U.S.

If you are an employer in the United States, you must read this 52-page report published last week by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, updating a 25-year-old ruling that bars U.S. companies from automatically denying employment to people based on arrest or conviction records.  You can download such report, here.

Essentially, what this guidance does is to illustrate how information from criminal records can and cannot not be used in hiring decisions.

This guidance makes it very clear that an arrest on its own is not evidence of illegal conduct or grounds for exclusion in recruitment decisions.

The guidance makes it also very clear that if a job applicant does have a criminal conviction, the employer must look at the seriousness of the offense, the time that has lapsed since it was committed, and the relevance of such crime to the specific job opening at stake.

Computerized job applications that currently reject anyone who answers yes to the question “Have you ever been convicted of a crime?” could be violating the law. Again, it’s worthwhile to download and read the full guidance, here.

Tips Before You Sell Your Next Car: Get an Instant Background Check Report

Before You Sell Your Next Car: Here’s What You Need to Know About How to Do a Background Investigation.

Are you in the business of selling new or used vehicles? If so, you probably know the ins and outs of how to sell cars, how to appeal to someone’s needs, and even the importance of marketing your company. Salespeople normally receive a commission for each car they sell, and the company makes a profit from each vehicle being sold.

But what if the person you sell the car to doesn’t honor its commitments in terms of monthly installments, though? Here’s something you need to know before you sell your next vehicle.

Lots of car companies check the credit worthiness of those they sell the cars to. However, smaller car companies don’t always do it. You’ll see this often in smaller towns or rural areas. However, when you lose money on a vehicle that someone doesn’t pay for, your company is at risk. Then, you’ll have to pay fees to someone for having the vehicle repossessed, if you can find it.

In order to save yourself from this kind of trouble, it’s a good idea to check the credit worthiness of your applicants. You may also want to check other issues as well, such as whether (or not) they’ve had any other court judgments against them, or if they have a criminal background. If you sell a car to someone who is irresponsible enough to have committed a crime, or even several, do you think they’re gonna be responsible enough to make the car payments to your business? If they have several court judgments against them, and have been irresponsible enough to go into debt with other payments, do you think they’re gonna be responsible enough to make the car payments to your business?

By simply entering a name into’ search box provided on our homepage, you can find out the information you need to make sure that your next car sale will be a complete success. When you enter the name, you wait a few seconds and then you’ll have access about criminal background records, civil background records, and even whether (or not) they’ve already filed for bankruptcy. Obviously, if they had several court judgments against them or if they’ve already filed for bankruptcy in the recent past, you may wish to reconsider selling the car to your new customer.

In the car business, you really need to be certain your customers are going be able to make the monthly installments and be reliable. Using the credit information provided by, you can be sure that your next sale is gonna be a success all the way through.

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Need Information About a Person? Get unlimited people search reports…

People search and backgrounds checks

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Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to check out someone’s past?  Perhaps you’re an employer, a landlord, or just a person who has been in need of information.  There are many different reasons why you might want to find out a little or a lot more information about a particular person.  Whether you’re checking to find out what kind of debt they currently have, what kind of criminal record they have, or even if they are married or single, well, it used to be cumbersome to find that kind of information.

Not anymore.  There are several ways you can go about getting online this information, even if you don’t really know the person.  In fact, you can get access to very personal information if you do have such need.  It used to be that in order to get information like that, you needed to get the person’s name, Social Security number, address, age, and even more information, all together.  This can be hard to obtain from someone, especially the more personal information like the Social Security number.

You no longer have to worry about that.  With just a tiny bit of information, you can find out practically anything.  For example, let’s say you met someone recently who you find interesting.  You talked to him/her for a few hours and when you parted, all you are left with is the first name and cell phone number.  Doesn’t seem like you could find out much information with just that, does it?

Well, here (’ search box) you can simply enter the cell phone number and you’ll immediately have access to a ton of records about such person.  From their arrest records, if applicable, to their physical address, home phone number, and full name, the information you need is instantly available to you.

In another situation, perhaps you’ve talked to someone online about doing some freelancing work for you.  Maybe you want to see just what kind of person you may be hiring.  However, the only thing you have is their e-mail address.  That’s easy.  At the same search box, you simply enter that e-mail address and you will have access to the same comprehensive information about such person.

Remember – you can get access to tons of records with very little information about the person being investigated.  If you have ever needed information, this will prove to be a valuable resource to you.  All you have to do is log into our system, place in whatever information you have, and wait a few seconds for the computer to get access to the files for you.  Then, you can simply browse through the relevant search information to find out whatever you need.  It has never been easier to find information before.  Use our user-friendly interface to find all the information that is available about almost anyone in the world! We give you the online tools and you investigate!

Happy hunting here, at Investigations 123 com!

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Drunk driving, DUI, DWI Criminal Records: FAQ

DUI / DWI Criminal Records: FAQ

Driving under the influence (driving while intoxicated, drunk driving, drinking and driving) is the act of operating any vehicle after consuming alcohol or other drugs. DUI or DWI are synonymous terms that represent the criminal offense of operating a vehicle while being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

DUI means Driving Under the Influence and a prosecutor must prove that the driver was impaired by alcohol, even if they didn’t reach the legal blood alcohol content of the state.

DWI means Driving While Intoxicated, and is typically more serious, because it means the driver was caught driving at or over the legal limit.

People can still get a license with DWI convictions, but their driver’s license will likely be restricted to only work or court-approved driving.

Getting a DWI is considered a common crime – and a mistake made by lots of people at some point in their life.
However, DWI convictions can be a major red flag for other people, particularly potential employers. You should keep track of your DWI records to see what other people are finding out about you, while searching for public records.

Make sure your DUI or DWI record isn’t making you look bad, keep track of your public records online.

Why – you might ask? Well, your family and friends will probably forgive you, but it’ll be much harder to give a good first impression with a DWI or DUI hanging over your head – especially at job interviews.
A routine background check, even an online public record search will bring up your DUI / DWI record.
You might be denied jobs – even non-driving jobs — because having a DWI could make you look irresponsible in the eyes of potential employers.
And with the popularity of online background checks, even new friends or dates could be judging you on your criminal record without you being aware of. offers you a 5-day risk-free trial, here.

A sample report is provided below…

Comprehensive Criminal Background Check Sample Report
Comprehensive Criminal Background Sample Report

Online Charities: which are real, which ones are fake? Try Search by Address

Online Charities: which are real, and which ones are fake? Try People Search by Address

Americans have generous, giving hearts. Many citizens donate funds to online charities in order to help the poor, those with disabilities, animal and climate activists and much more. If you’re one of these generous people, congratulations! It’s a great feeling to give what you can afford for a specific cause, e.g. to someone who is in need or for the purpose of research illnesses in the hope of finding a cure. It’s also wonderful to help those who protect animals and their rights as well.

If you donate to charities on a regular basis, you should know something important. Not all the charities online are real. In fact, there are criminals and con-artists who take advantage of people’s generosity and kindness. They post fake charities, get you involved so that you want to make a difference, and they line their pockets and wallets with the checks you send them – and your money never reaches the needy. So, while you may think you’re helping someone who is in need, you may be helping someone who is greedy.

Here are some really good tips for avoiding offering donations to fake charity organizations.

• Conduct your preliminary research on a charity organization. You are so full of empathy for needy people, but sometimes you might get emotional about a sad story or a specific problem and you take your checkbook out of your wallet and start issuing it before you think whether this is the right thing to do. So, find out what you can about a charity organization before you send them your donation.

• See if you can contact someone who has been helped by the charity organization in the recent past. Many charities tell you personal stories of people that they’ve been able to help through donations. If you can contact such person, find out if they were helped with and any other information that will help you realize if the charity organization at stake has a legitimate activity.

• Check to see what physical address they are giving you in order to send the money to. If you can get such address, you can find out its owner. Here’s how –

If you want to find out if the owner of the charity is a criminal, all you need is the address, and simply enter it, here (’s address search box).

The search box above (provided by Investigations 123 com) will allow you to look up someone’s background through their address! Simply enter the address of the charity you wish to research online. After submitting such information, you’ll have access to the name and phone number of the person associated with such address. You’ll also receive marriage and death certificates, civil and criminal court records, national and local court records and much more. So, if this charity is a fake organization, you’ll know about it before you send them your donation.

This is a great way to make sure that your hard-earned cash is really going to help needy people to improve their life’s. Make sure that your donation isn’t going into the pockets of a criminal.

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