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There are certain times in our lives, and certainly when we are parents, that we may need to do some detective work.  Many parents have experienced a situation where their child is spending lots of time with someone new.  It could be just a feeling or even a parent’s intuition that gives clues that something is wrong.  It might be a new roommate for your older child who gives you an eerie feeling, or something else altogether.  Whatever the situation, there are times when you just don’t feel right about someone who is a new acquaintance of your child.

As a parent, you feel you have to take action and do something about it, but you don’t want to become the snooping parent! What do you do in a situation such as this?

Many parents feel they should stay out of their child’s private life when they reach the age of 18.  However, they struggle with the worry that comes with being a parent.  It’s difficult to weigh the safety of your child (when you’re not really sure if they’re in danger) against their privacy.  There is no one authority when it comes to a situation like this, but if the feeling you have is so strong that you are truly worried about your child, you do have options for safeguarding his/her best interests.

Perhaps talking to your child would provide you with the information you need to feel better or to stop worrying.  Often, children will share their feelings with their parents, but sometimes they won’t.  Sometimes a parent feels forced to find things out by themselves.  With recent advances in online search technology, all you need is the name of that person you feel strange about it, in order to find out tons of information about him/her. You can simply type in just a name (on its own or with additional information you might have) in order to receive a comprehensive report about the background of such person.

You can find out if that person has ever been convicted of a crime.  It’s difficult to imagine your child might be spending time with a criminal, but it might happen. If that’s the case, chances are your child is not even aware of it.  You can find out other information as well, such as whether or not that person has ever been convicted in a civil court case.  The odd feeling you have right now about the new acquaintance of your child might be something to do with a possible dishonest person or someone who may be trying to take advantage of your child.

The greatest advantage of conducting an online investigation search is the fact that your child or the other person will never know you conducted the search.  It’s completely confidential, and no one will ever know that you looked up for a comprehensive background report, online.

Simply by typing in the person’s name, you can even find out if they are married, if they’ve ever filed for bankruptcy, and much, much more.

As a parent, sometimes you have to tell yourself to let your child live his / her life.  But sometimes, being proactive and taking action may end up saving your child’s future life.  If you need to conduct detective work, you can check out and get the relevant information you need in a matter of seconds.  You may be surprised with what you’ll find out.  You may also become relieved, but most of all you’ll be ensuring the safety of your child, and after all, that’s a parent’s duty, right?

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Criminal Record Background Investigation Check: What Does It Show Up?

Criminal Record Background Investigation Check?

Investigate anyone! Criminal Investigations!
Criminal Record Investigations

When a criminal background check is requested online at, the following sensitive information is going to show up on the report:


• Felonies, misdemeanors, sex crimes, etc.
• 20 years of addresses and phone numbers and details
• National arrests and court warrants
• Federal and state tax liens
• Federal and civil judgments
• Federal and state bankruptcies
• List of all known relatives including addresses and phone numbers
• Any previous roommates or associates
• Your date of birth and age
• Any maiden names
• Possible past neighbors
• Any property ownership
• Marriages and divorces
• License information including driver’s license and work licenses

The list above should give you an idea of what types of information are going to show up on your criminal background check, either about yourself, or someone else. And this information is a nationwide criminal background check – it isn’t going to be contained to a specific US state, when a criminal background check is requested online;

The information that’s contained in a criminal record is not going away on its own over time, and it’s also important to realize that sometimes the information that has been entered into a criminal record by the courts might be incorrect.

So if at any time in your life, you’ve been arrested and convicted of a crime, then you have a criminal record and it’s your duty to check your criminal record by performing a nationwide criminal background check on yourself, to confirm what has been recorded on your criminal record.

The most common feature of a background check is the criminal history of any person. This criminal history report is vital to businesses, particularly if the person is applying for a job.

Information included in the background check are crimes committed by any person (if any), the time he/she stayed in jail, probation, or if the person was ever released in parole.

If you found errors in your criminal record when you conducted your online criminal background check here at, it’s up to you to have these errors corrected, because no one else is going to do it for you.

A criminal record is similar in some respects to your credit file. The information in your credit file may contain errors and this information will remain incorrect until you complain to the proper authorities for the change to take place.

The same situation applies to a criminal record, it’s up to you to challenge the information that has been recorded to your criminal record and get it corrected if it is incorrect. So, if the court recorded something that is untrue, you need to contact directly the court of conviction (in writing, by registered post) and ask that this information be corrected.

In order for you to get started, please fill in the search form, and conduct your criminal record background investigation check, here! Below is a sample report.

Comprehensive Criminal Background Check
Comprehensive Criminal Background Report



Online Criminal Background Check Before Hiring Housekeeper/Domestic Staff

Online Criminal Background Check Before Hiring Domestic Staff / Housekeeper

It is very common for people to hire a cleaning person to work in their house on a weekly basis. When you are looking for someone to work in your own home, obviously you want to make sure that the cleaning employee you select is safe and trustworthy to work in your home.

And while you can ask for references about their background, you really have no way of knowing for certain if people being questioned are answering honestly. That’s why it is of paramount importance that you conduct your own background check/investigation of every applicant.

Running online a complete background check on a person isn’t time-consuming or difficult. In the recent past, you may have had to run between several different public offices in your state, filled out forms, waited in line for hours, and had to explain your specific case to a few state office workers in order to gain access to the court records you require.

Well, Investigations 123 com can conduct a thorough background check search on any individual that you are considering to grant authorization to work in your house. This is the only plausible way you can guarantee protection of your home, family, and your belongings.

Completing a criminal records search on Investigations 123 com couldn’t be easier. The only information that you’ll need is the housekeeper’s state of residence and his/her first and last name. You won’t be required to release any personal or sensitive information in order to obtain the court records you will need. All online reports in the Investigations 123 com database are a matter of public record, so you don’t need to worry that you are violating anyone’s privacy. These are records that can be accessed by anyone, and you don’t need any special authorization in order to view them, online. offers a variety of records which include: criminal records, complete background checks, reverse phone investigations, criminal files, people search, and public records.

You can also access warrant of arrest recordsfederal criminal records and court cases. All of this online information will begin to provide you with a clear picture of the cleaning person who is interested in working at your apartment. The list of available searches and public records is so comprehensive that if there is something untoward in the cleaning person’s past, Investigations 123 com will find it and bring it to your computer screen.

Another outstanding result of a complete background check by Investigations 123 com is the information they can provide you about friends, family members, and associates of the cleaning person. These people may have a significant impact on the actions and decisions of an individual, so it’s in your best interest to get to know these acquaintances as well. If, for example, you notice that an applicant for the cleaning job at your home knows a few people who have a history of breaking and entering into houses, then you’ll know it’s safer to steer clear of that applicant.

Investigations 123 com removes the possibility of selecting the wrong applicant for the job by giving you a complete and factual accounting of that individual’s history. And you can also consult this interesting article that gives you a comprehensive checklist of the key questions you must ask from the candidates for a housekeeper’s job at your house, during their interview.

With the help of, you cannot help but pick a winner every time you consider hiring someone. [Below you’ll find a sample of a complete background check report].

Comprehensive Criminal Background Check
Complete Background Check Records

Criminal Records: Definition, Nature and Types (risk-free trial)

Criminal Records: Definition, Nature and Types (risk-free trial)

Criminal records describe offenders and offenses and can include offender fingerprint identification and notations of arrest and subsequent dispositions.
Accurate, timely and complete criminal history record information enables States to instantly identify persons who are prohibited from firearm purchase or are ineligible to hold positions of responsibility involving children, seniors, or the disabled; enables criminal justice agencies for making decisions on pre-trial release, career criminal charging, determinate sentencing, and correctional assignments; is crucial to help law enforcement officials in criminal investigations and decision making; and, is necessary for criminal record checks for national security, employment, licensing and related economic purposes, as required under recent legislation.

Conviction Records
These criminal records contain information indicating that an individual has been found guilty of a criminal offense, has gotten a lower than honourable discharge out of the military, or has been put on probation, parole, or imprisoned by any police force agency or military body.

Arrest Records
These criminal records contain facts about individuals, like the type and description of the offense, dates of disposition and conviction, sentence imposition, photos, along with other information.

Inmate Records
Reports on people with imprisonment stays inside a U.S. Federal or State prison and their parole and probation reports, including active or inactive status. These reports detail the offense, time period of sentence, release date, as well as other additional criminal records data.

Crimes of a lesser nature than felonies very often result in a jail sentence of fewer than twelve months, penalties under $2000, and/or community service.

Crimes covering a multitude of offenses for instance armed robberies, assaults, drug sales and possession, and murders.

Sex Offender Listings
From the late 90’s, individual states enacted Megan’s Law which made information accessible to the public concerning the F.B.I.’s national sex offender registry. Online criminal records checks will disclose the names of men and women on the registry.

Parole Violations
The failures of people on parole to follow along with the conditions of their release from prison in an important respect.
Only people serving a jail sentence for that commission of a felony offense meet the criteria for parole.

Probation Violations
The failures of people on probation to follow along with the conditions of their probation in an important respect.
Probation, as opposed to local jail time or a prison sentence, exists for individuals found guilty of felonies and misdemeanors and who’re not considered threats to the public.

Traffic Violations
Violations that are of a serious nature, for example those resulting in a death, will be included within one’s criminal records history for most states.

How can I get a copy of my criminal background report and my own criminal record?

A person’s criminal record is an official record for any criminal offense when they have been arrested or found guilty of a crime.
Even traffic violations can come under criminal offenses in some states.
Unless you receive a pardon or are expunged, the entry will continue to be on your record and may appear whenever there’s a background criminal check.
Sometimes you may even forget the violation which happened many years back.
Hence it will become necessary for the individual himself/herself to check on your own personal criminal record so that they will know what arises when someone wishes to research your criminal charges and convictions in past times.
You might need a background check when purchasing a gun and you may need a background check to work alongside children as well as to turn into a volunteer fire fighter.
You might also need to know the length of time a background check takes or how you can do a background check to examine previous employers.
Their are lots of reasons and methods to perform a background check on people online.
You will need to initially collect all your details, your own personal information and official documents like birth record, driver’s license, passport etc.
You can go to your state government’s website, call any local police station and / or sheriffs office.
You may also visit the FBI’s website to do a fingerprint nationwide criminal history check.
Different states might have different background check procedures.
The clerk or the person in charge should be able to tell you what you should do.
Once you know your criminal case and possess the right information you can just request the office to provide you with a copy of your criminal history.
You will have to make a request for a background check and fill out an application as well.
If your offense is more than ten years, you will need to contact the Department of State.
You can obtain a copy of your background history with the FBI too.
Nowadays you’ll be able to obtain every piece of information online by inputting your name and state in a search engine, and also take a print out of the results [Investigations 123 com will provide you with all such info. to you via our 5-day risk-free trial].

Just how do I find someone’s arrest records online?

There could be instances when you have to find out if someone has long been arrested or to search people’s arrest history online.
To find out specifics of someone’s arrests or criminal charges online you need to first find the correct name and spelling of the individual whose arrest record you’re searching, not his shortened name.
There might be several people with similar names however, if you’ve got his / her address or personal information like birth date, it becomes easier.
Visit your local or state government website that can give you access to all the information you need.
Arrest records of whether or not the offense is traffic, theft, robbery, murder, violent, business or alcohol and drug related offenses will likely be shown. Just typing in a person’s name in a search engine will fetch you the details.
Basic details are shown but additional information needs to be paid.
Information is not at all difficult to obtain but if you want a hard copy or an attested one, you may have to go the appropriate office and get one.
Anyway, it’s much easier and convenient to search for public criminal arrest records and find out the details of someone’s arrest record online via Investigations 123 com’s 5-day risk-free trial, here at this site.

Criminal Background Screening
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Is There a Neighbor That Gives You the Willies? Find Sex Offenders Here!

Sex offenders in your neighborhood? Learn how to deal with it…

In a suburb in Florida, Clara and her two kids lived in a pleasant neighborhood.  And because she was a widow, the community was very supportive and helpful when she moved in.  They would bring her homemade meals, desserts and even offer to baby-sitting while she was out, looking for a new job in the area.

The man who lived next door would often come out and talk to her over the fence.  Clara enjoyed gardening, so she would weed the garden and plant seeds while they chatted.  The woman noticed that her daughter enjoyed talking to such man as well.  Several times she watched the man laughing at her daughter’s 9-year old jokes over the fence.  For some unknown reason, it made the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Clearly, that neighbor was giving her the creeps.

After a couple more times of watching her daughter talking to the neighbor over the fence, Clara told her daughter that she wasn’t supposed to speak to the man anymore.  When her daughter asked why, she didn’t provide a plausible answer.  In fact, she even asked herself what made her feel so strange about such neighbor talking to her child.  The man had been nothing but nice so far, and probably just felt sorry for the little ones losing their dad the way they did.  Without trying to alarm her daughter, Clara simply told her that it wasn’t polite to hold the man up all day, chatting and bothering him.

Searching on the web one day, Clara came across our website’s homepage, where it’s provided a search box for conducting a comprehensive background check about people, based on government public records.’ search box is here.

The explanation provided at our website piqued Clara’s interest and knowing next-door neighbor’s name, she decided to check him out.  And because Investigations 123 com states that you could get information about anyone simply by knowing their name, the woman decided to satisfy her curiosity.  Clara typed in the neighbor’s name and within seconds she was directed to a page full of information on this very nice man.  In fact, she immediately received online information about his local and national criminal and civil records, his phone number, his address, and his arrest records. It turns out that a few years ago, this man was convicted of touching a child under the age of 8 for sexual purposes.  Clara was absolutely horrified.  She could not believe what she was reading and that no one in the neighborhood told her anything about it.

Considering the possibility that it might be a mistake, she checked the local sex offender list and sure enough, the man was listed there.  Clara alerted the local police station about the fact that her neighbor had been talking to her daughter, and decided to move away from that neighborhood.  Clara was so thankful that had been there at the right time and that she had been feeling strangely about her neighbor.  If you are suspicious about someone, simply conduct an online investigation search the way Clara did.  You never know what kind of tragedy you can prevent by acting in this fashion.

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