License Plate Search

Instant License Plate Lookup

Do you wanna learn more about that particular reckless driver who cut you off the road? Or perhaps find the owner of the vehicle who left it in front of your house for several weeks? The best way you can do so is by conducting an instant online license plate lookup.

A license plate, also known as a vehicle registration plate, consists of alphanumeric codes that identifies the vehicle, where it was issued, the name of its owner, etc.  Several U.S. states avoid the usage of the letters I, O and Q since they can be confused with the numbers 0 and 1.

How to Search for Motor Vehicle Records

License plate information can be easily obtained through the DMV website.

You can also make use of websites which have access to such DMV records, such as this one. You just need to type in the specific license plate number and the state where it was registered, and you can even search for records even if you are only familiar with partial details of such license plate.

Reverse License Plate Search

Instant License Plate Lookups
Instant License Plate Lookup – Click Here for USA and Canada motor vehicles.

A reverse license plate search can also help you to easily and quickly find out the owner of a license plate you may see on a suspicious car or a driver that appears to be breaking the law. Every department of motor vehicle services registers a license plate number to a business entity or an individual, recording the owner’s information such as date of registration, address, and insurance policy information. Though some of this information is not released to the public because it might be considered private, you can always access the name of the license plate owner.

It’s also quite possible that a plate is not on the vehicle in which it was registered, which may happen if such license plate is stolen. The ownership information follows the plate number and not the vehicle. With a reverse license plate search, you’ll be able to determine the cell phone number and address of the owner via cross checking public records in our database of over 2 billion records.

The Importance of a License Plate Search

There are many reasons why you need to conduct a license plate search…  you’ll be able to determine the car’s registration info, such as who the owner is, where the license plate was issued, even get the address and mobile number of its owner, get a full criminal background report about its owner, and email addresses and social media accounts of the owner.

Apart from registry info, you can also determine important information about the car, especially if it’s an used car for which you’re considering to buy it.  And a license plate search can also help you in obtaining a motor vehicle’s title information, its mileage check, as well as its involvement in accidents, if applicable.

Here are some other details you can learn with a license plate lookup:
• If the car was salvaged, rebuilt or damaged
• If the car has frame damage or water damage
• If the car is a fleet vehicle, or was used as a cab or a taxi

License plate search is truly important when it comes to reporting crimes, as well as careless drivers.  If you wanna make sure of your safety while on the road, then conduct a license plate lookup by clicking here.