Background Check Sample Search Results Screenshots

Background Check Sample Search Results Screenshots

Below is only a small selection of sample partial screenshots for several public records searches at Investigations 123 People Search.

Your specific search will include fields dependent on your particular look-up category and subject.

Each report is normally priced separately. However, our 5-day risk-free trial for “first time” customers will provide you with an unlimited membership. Check it here.

Images below are provided for illustration purposes only, since every report is different and our sources are constantly being updated, improved and expanded.

Criminal Records History Sample Report

Criminal History Sample Investigation Report
Criminal Records History Sample Investigations 123 Report

People Search Sample Report

People Search Sample Investigation Report
People Search Sample Investigations 123 Report

Comprehensive Background Check Sample Report

Comprehensive Background Check / Investigation
Comprehensive Background Check Sample Investigations 123 Report

Reverse Phone / Cell Phone Sample Report

Reverse Phone Lookup Search Investigations 123 Report

Search Warrant Sample Report

Warrant Report Sample Investigation Report
Search Warrant Sample Investigations 123 Report

Birth Records Sample Report

Birth Records Sample Investigation Report
Birth Records Sample Investigations 123 Report

Bankruptcy Sample Report

Bankruptcy Sample Investigation Report
Bankruptcy Sample Investigations 123 Report

Court Case Sample Report

Court Case Sample Investigation Report
Court Case Sample Investigations 123 Report

Business Search Sample Report

Business Search Sample Investigation Report
Business Search Sample Investigations 123 Report

You are only a few easy steps away from investigating the truth about someone’s background! With over 1 billion records, our instant nationwide search system allows for unlimited look ups and accesses data from multiple databases to compile the most comprehensive reports available. And our Background Check Report Search combines a multitude of various records such as civil judgments, bankruptcies, liens, court cases, search warrants, as well as federal / criminal records to provide you with a Comprehensive Background Checks Records Report. And please select our 5-day risk-free trial, here!

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