Benefits of Ordering a Background Check Free Trial Report

Benefits of Ordering a Background Check

Essentially, a background check report describes the process of using multiple sources for investigating and compiling a record on a person. This might include financial, criminal, or public records.

The results of an online background check report will normally include criminal history, a credit score, and employment verification.

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Background Check Sources

These sources might include the following:

Criminal Records: this normally includes records relating to arrests, incarcerations, sex offenders, and other criminal records. Often, these reports are not as up-to-date as one might like, so the results of these online searches are not fully guaranteed.

The obvious alternative is to go directly to the state of choice, where such records will be more accurate (and probably less expensive). However, if you are looking for national information, going to a third party background checking company offering a free trial might be your best option.

Lawsuit records: potential employees who often file discrimination and other types of lawsuits may raise some red flags to employers. Because most of these lawsuits are public records, they can be searched by background check firms.

Education Records: these are often used to confirm if the job candidate did receive a degree or graduated from high school or college, as they claim.

Employment Records: these are used for verbal confirmations of past employment. Performance, accomplishments, activities, and relations with others are normally included.

Driving Records: employers that routinely hire drivers (especially of a company vehicle) seek people with clean driving records, i.e. with a history of no tickets or accidents any DUIs (driving under the influence) – unless they were a minor, at the time of the offense.

Financial records: credit scores, liens, property information, civil judgments, tax information, and bankruptcy.

Credit Reports: they are often requested for many potential employees, especially if the hiring company is a financial institution.
Furthermore, past bankruptcies, foreclosures and other financial information can be found in a credit report that might raise some red flags about the applicant.

Military Records: some employers want to know the details about the job applicant’s military resume.

Legal working status: the hiring of illegal workers is a concern for most employers, particularly if a sudden immigration raid occurs.

Other records: drug tests, litigation, licensing information, medical, mental, as well as physiological evaluations.

Reasons For a Background Check

An employment background check is the process of compiling any job candidate’s records for the purpose of evaluating behavioral history and employment. Background checks are normally conducted for confirming information. These routine checks are often used by employers as a means of objectively evaluating a candidate’s qualifications, character, fitness, and to identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons. These background checks can ensure safety for employees and prevent future problems in the workplace.

Background checks are often conducted on information included on an employment resume or application. Sometimes, these background checks reveal different information than what the job candidate provided to the employer.

Another reason might be to differentiate further between job candidates. For example, if you’ve got two equally qualified individuals, the fact that a background check on one of them revealed a felony such candidate did not disclose, might cause the selection of the other candidate.

Furthermore, some background checks are prescribed by law. For example, if you work with kids as a teacher or tutor, a criminal background check will be conducted (including sex offender status).

Background checks are also conducted for investigating thoroughly a potential military personnel, government employee,  or any one who will work with a government agency. The purpose is to grant a security clearance for such candidate. Background checks are always required for job positions that require trust or high security, e.g. in a daycare, hospital, court of law, school, financial institution, airport, or government.

Being offered a specific job might depend on the information revealed in your background check report. Thus, existing employees, volunteers, and job applicants may be asked to submit to comprehensive background checks.

When performing a background check, some of the sources that will release your information are educational institutions, government agencies, criminal and civil courts, and past employers.

Online Criminal Background Check Before Hiring Housekeeper/Domestic Staff

Online Criminal Background Check Before Hiring Domestic Staff / Housekeeper

It is very common for people to hire a cleaning person to work in their house on a weekly basis. When you are looking for someone to work in your own home, obviously you want to make sure that the cleaning employee you select is safe and trustworthy to work in your home.

And while you can ask for references about their background, you really have no way of knowing for certain if people being questioned are answering honestly. That’s why it is of paramount importance that you conduct your own background check/investigation of every applicant.

Running online a complete background check on a person isn’t time-consuming or difficult. In the recent past, you may have had to run between several different public offices in your state, filled out forms, waited in line for hours, and had to explain your specific case to a few state office workers in order to gain access to the court records you require.

Well, Investigations 123 com can conduct a thorough background check search on any individual that you are considering to grant authorization to work in your house. This is the only plausible way you can guarantee protection of your home, family, and your belongings.

Completing a criminal records search on Investigations 123 com couldn’t be easier. The only information that you’ll need is the housekeeper’s state of residence and his/her first and last name. You won’t be required to release any personal or sensitive information in order to obtain the court records you will need. All online reports in the Investigations 123 com database are a matter of public record, so you don’t need to worry that you are violating anyone’s privacy. These are records that can be accessed by anyone, and you don’t need any special authorization in order to view them, online. offers a variety of records which include: criminal records, complete background checks, reverse phone investigations, criminal files, people search, and public records.

You can also access warrant of arrest recordsfederal criminal records and court cases. All of this online information will begin to provide you with a clear picture of the cleaning person who is interested in working at your apartment. The list of available searches and public records is so comprehensive that if there is something untoward in the cleaning person’s past, Investigations 123 com will find it and bring it to your computer screen.

Another outstanding result of a complete background check by Investigations 123 com is the information they can provide you about friends, family members, and associates of the cleaning person. These people may have a significant impact on the actions and decisions of an individual, so it’s in your best interest to get to know these acquaintances as well. If, for example, you notice that an applicant for the cleaning job at your home knows a few people who have a history of breaking and entering into houses, then you’ll know it’s safer to steer clear of that applicant.

Investigations 123 com removes the possibility of selecting the wrong applicant for the job by giving you a complete and factual accounting of that individual’s history. And you can also consult this interesting article that gives you a comprehensive checklist of the key questions you must ask from the candidates for a housekeeper’s job at your house, during their interview.

With the help of, you cannot help but pick a winner every time you consider hiring someone. [Below you’ll find a sample of a complete background check report].

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